21 October 2009

Calvary Cemetery in San Diego

Marna Clemons has created a website devoted to Calvary Cemetery located in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego. The website is here.

"This web site is a comprehensive study and presentation of existing information about the historic Calvary Cemetery (now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park) at 1501 Washington Place in San Diego, California. It is devoted to honoring and preserving the memory of the people who are buried there."

On the website is information about:

* a detailed history of Calvary Cemetery,
* transcripts and images of many documents that pertain to the cemetery,
* information about the people buried in the cemetery,
* photographs of existing gravestones and ones that no longer exist,
* a variety of maps and descriptions of the cemetery location,
* cemetery plot maps,
* historical and current photographs of the cemetery,
* stories of the interesting and colorful people buried in the cemetery,
* Family Bible records of people interred at the cemetery,
* a special tribute to Calvary Cemetery's U.S. military veterans,
memories and perspectives of people who knew the old cemetery,
* a bibliography of references for further research,
a virtual tour of the park as it looks today, and
* The Recording of a Cemetery.

The information on the people buried in the cemetery is included in a Rootsweb WorldConnect database titled Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, submitted by Marna.

This is an excellent collection of information about this cemetery, and is a wonderful example of what can be done by volunteer Graveyard Rabbits and genealogy researchers. Beautiful job, Marna!

06 October 2009