17 November 2010

Clifford Walls is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery

I posted what I know about Mount Olivet Cemetery in Nestor in http://ssdcgraveyardrabbit.blogspot.com/2009/04/mount-olivet-cemetery-in-nestor.html.

I received an email from Albert Walls, who saw that blog post recently, and he noted that:

"My oldest brother Clifford  Walls is buried there right along the fence line on Iris Street about 50 Ft. from the gate.  He was killed in 1935 or 1936 when he was 16. I was just a baby at the time, but during World War II my mother used to go up to the grave site and put flowers on his grave, all he had was a marker.  Later one of my other brothers made a concrete slab on his grave site. The last time I was there in 2008, I could not find any trace of his site. I found the listing on people that are buried there, but his name was not on the list. There was 5 of us boys; I am the youngest, and all my family is gone now.  I am 75 years old.  I would like for him to at least be put on that list.  We lived at Imperial Beach most of my life, and I am now living in Bakersfield Ca.

" My father, Claude Melvin Walls,  spent 32 years in the Navy. My mother is Florence Walls.  They both are buried at Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery."

I responded and Albert permitted me to post this information on this blog so that it might be saved for posterity.

The Mount Olivet Cemetery listing on the USGWArchives site is at http://files.usgwarchives.net/ca/sandiego/cemeteries/mount-olivet.txt.  It does not include the name of Clifford Walls. 

Does anyone know how the name of Clifford Walls could be added to the Mount Olivet listing?  I tried to find the death date for Clifford, but cannot access that listing on the www.VitalSearch-CA.com website.