21 November 2008

Sign of the Cross at Mount Hope

Perhaps the largest monument for a single person or family at Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego is the one shown below:

The eastern side of the base of this monument says:
"Graham E. Babcock
April 6, 1908"
Another photograph from another angle is here.
Graham E. Babcock was the son of Elisha H. and Isabel (Graham) Babcock. Elisha was one of the leading businessmen in South San Diego County in the 1880 to 1920 time period. A biography of Elisha S. Babcock is printed on pages 105 to 107 in:
City of San Diego and San Diego County: The Birthplace of California, Volume 2. By Clarence Alan McGrew, American Historical Society, American Historical Society, incorporated, New York. Published by American Historical Society, 1922. Available on Google Books.
The monument for Elisha and Isabel Babcock are much smaller than the one for their son , who died before they did. You can see their monument here.


kathleen said...

Hi Randy:

I am stumped in researching the Babcock family tree. Apparently, Graham E. Babcock was married to Barbara Myers of St. Louis and they adopted a daughter Doris -- any ideas on how to locate information on her. There does not appear to be any record of her. I am trying to attempt a little research for the family.


lamoynie said...

Graham Babcock married Bob Tansey Myers, daughter of George Smith Myers of St. Louis, MO. Doris married J. Herbert McGowan, VT. She had children: Graham, Mary, Robert, Barbara, Michael? Not certain of when she died. I am attempting research as well!

lamoynie said...
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