02 December 2008

Cypress View Mausoleum

Cypress View Mausoleum and Chapel in San Diego is located at 3953 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113; Phone: (619) 232-6168. The business does not have a web site. A map showing the area around Cypress View is here.

Cypress View Mausoleum is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Cypress View was founded in 1927. This burial site has two types of burials - coffins entombed in the walls of the buildings, and inurnments in niches along the walls of the buildings.

The large sign is visible going east or west on Imperial Avenue:

On the south side of Imperial Avenue, the business office is part of the large building which includes the chapels, and most of the crypts:

Across the street, on the north side of Imperial Avenue, is another large building with tombs and niches:

The Jewish section, called Home of Peace, was established about 1950 and has approximately 750 entombments and urns as of 1998.

The online lists of interments include:

* http://www.findagrave.com/ - has 161 entries, many with tributes and pictures

* http://www.cagenweb.org/ - has 135 entries, plus some good outside pictures

* The US GenWeb Archives - has the same 135 entries

If you go to the Business Office to search for a person buried there, the helpful staff finds the listing in their card file, and provides a note of the location. If someone is available to help, they will guide you to the entombment or inurnment. The mausoleum on the north side of Imperial Avenue is locked, and the grounds are gated and fenced.

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Rose said...

My grandparents are burried in the old section across the street They are in the room with Urns. It is dark ad gloomy and hasn't changed since the 40's
When El Camino bought the place, they did some upgrading to keep the crypts from falling into each other but no repairs or remodeling was done tothe public rooms ie the chapel
Their excuse was that hardly anybody ever comes anymore Probably true but nt very nice or caring
They also said the building iwll be sealed 10 years after the last buria lThat would probably be about 2040 or 2045 Is this legal? Kinda sad for gradchildren or Gr Grands Rose